Thursday, April 6, 2017


Thank you dear viewers and readers... to those who have e-mailed us for inquiry and supporting our online business (including freelancing service, review service, training service and all other services), giving ideas for improvements and keeping in touch with us...

We will continue to post informative things while shaping the blog as one of the must-visit platform for everyone who want-to-know-how... we really appreciate your kind thoughts and may we strive to be the best and achieve what we dream of together... together we are one...


 Here we are
Sharing our lives
We made it through
The good and bad times
And still we stand
With hope in our hearts
No matter what
We will play our part
And now we've come so far
One chance to touch a star
Go higher and higher

Find your guiding inspiration
In a place where dreams are made
With a lifetime's preparation
It’s no time to be afraid
Put our differences behind us
While we shine like the sun
See what we've all become
Together we are one

Deep inside your heart and soul
You’ve worked so hard
To reach your goal
With every step
With every breath
You gave it all
Till there was nothing left
Seek out the strength to win
No thoughts of giving in
Go higher and higher


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