Monday, June 8, 2009

@ busy tapi nak blog

I am so-so busy these few months though... tapi keinginan untuk berblog membuak-buak beb... ye arr, used to be a daily blogger and still isn't it??? Hmppp... my assistant will be quitting her job and her last day will be on the 12th of this month... ikut hubby dia pi Bintulu... Aini... tinggallah daku seorang... waaaaaaaaa...

Now at this moment lak, sakit gigi... huhuhuhuhuhu... sadis sungguh, dok tengah bz sengsangat prepare report untuk Internal Audit... minggu nih aku budget confirm siap... sebab nak kena submit by end of June 2009 maa...

Kaisah alhamdulillah dah sihat... but ibu Kaisah still demam nih... however, since workload @ maximum capacity... kena la gak buat... if not nanti makin lama makin bertambah daa...

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