Friday, February 27, 2009

@ bye

myspace comments

=> to all of my colleagues at efjayell
=> maafkanlah segala salah, silap, termakan, terminum, terkata, terpakai, terambil... all of the 'ter's...
=> FRANCE okay... aka friendship remains and never can end...
=> well, remember me ya... coz I will of course remember all of u... and u out there...

@ have a wonderful weekend

have a wonderful weekend

=> specially to all of this blog's visitor...
=> next week, I will be experiencing a brand new experience in a brand new place... so kenanglah daku dalam doamu...
=> hoping that I will still get the opportunity to 'meet' all of you in the cyberworld..

@ love my computer & notebook

=> hik hik hik... sungguh benar, tiada yang benar selain dari yang benar belaka...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

@ my baby's journey on life


=> Nur Alif Kaisah pada hari pertama dilahirkan, hari kedua, hari ketiga, hari keempat dan hari kelima... (pencahayaan tak bagus aaarrr... just ignore that kay)

=> pada usia 2 bulan

=> pada usia 3 bulan

=> pada usia 4 bulan

=> sungguh pantas masa berlalu... as todate... Kaisah dah 9 bulan 5 hari...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

@ ibu Kaisah going for a farewell party


=> 25 Feb 2009 (lunch hour), all of us in the office will be heading to the De Palma Hotel at Shah Alam for ibu Kaisah's farewell party
=> haven't been there yet, thus, not that sure on how the environment will be...
=> felt sad la pulak...
=> but don't worry guys, will always show my face at efjayell, if not all of u can always view me at fs and fb rite...

Monday, February 23, 2009

@ at office and missing my lovely Kaisah

Dalam kebizian ini, aku merindui angelku... Nur Alif Kaisah...

=> keje berlambak... tapi yang mana satu laa nak buat dulu...
=> dok rindu-rindu laa pulaknya...
=> padahal hari-hari jumpa...
=> nak cepat balik... uwaaaaaaaa...
=> sejuk ati bila everytime bukak jek pintu, dengan excitednye Kaisah will come towards me dan melonjak-lonjak keriangan... owh, what a scene...
=> rindu-serindu-rindunya...
=> mengapakah ibu Kaisah begitu sentimental ari nih...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

@ to power a boat

Have you ever tried using soap to power a boat? This simple activity works because of "surface tension."

What you'll need:
1 index card
A baking dish (or sink full of water)
Liquid dish detergent
Your science journal

What to do:
1. From an index card, cut out a boat like this. Make it about 2 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide.
2. Place the boat gently on the water in the dish.
3. Pour a little detergent into the notch in the end of the boat.

What happens?
If you repeat the experiment, wash out the baking dish carefully each time you use detergent, or your boat won't go.

Your boat should zip across the water. Water molecules are strongly attracted to each other and stick close together, especially on the surface. This creates a strong but flexible "skin" on the water's surface that we call surface tension. Adding soap disrupts the arrangement of the water molecules and breaks the skin, making the boat go forward.

@ Kaisah's achievements

9 months:

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)
• Stands while holding onto something
• Jabbers or combines syllables
• Understands object permanence
Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)
• Cruises while holding onto furniture
• Drinks from a sippy cup
• Eats with fingers
• Bangs objects together
Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
• Plays patty-cake and peek-a-boo
• Says "mama" and "dada" to the correct parent

=> alhamdulillah, at 9 months and 2 days Kaisah can do all of the skills...
=> originated from milestone chart...

@ hepi belated 9 months birthday to Kaisah


Friday, February 20, 2009

@ preggy memories


=> preggy memories...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

@ the cake

=> the capuchinno cake... yummy...
=> special message to Kak Nath... sedap ooo kek nih... rugi u are not here... hehehehehe...

@ celebrate besday ibu Kaisah (II)


=> sessi memotong kek...

@ celebrate besday ibu Kaisah (I)


=> kali terakhir untuk menyambutnya di efjayell... sob sob... thanks all... Lenny, A'a, Kila, Kak Ros... (Kak Nathku... huhuhuhuhuhu)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

@ birthday ibu Kaisah

Cute Birthday  Comments

=> Happy Birthday to Ibu Kaisah...

Monday, February 16, 2009

@ sebelum berhijrah

Since next two weeks will transfer to a new environment... thus, banyak gila keje yang kena disettlekan... no updates la nampaknya... kalau ade sikit-sikit masa tu akan ku cuba jugak mengupdatekan diri...

=> rajin-rajin jenguk kami di sini ye all... ibu Kaisah kebizian untuk menyetllekan keje sebelum berhijrah...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

@ kata hati

3 comments myspace graphic comments
Myspace Cute Comments

=> dah dapat offer keje... yezza...
=> tunggu offer letter dulu baru tulis resignation letter kan kan kan... untuk keselamatan...
=> dalam hati kata memang dapat nih... semalam dah received call... dapat... dapat... dapat... dapat... dapat...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

@ dalam dilema

I'm so-so sad... nak cari keje full time lain tapi payah laa nak cari sekarang ni (sekarang nih, no benefit at all, medical pun tak leh claim, bonus langsung tak penah ade, naik gaji tahunan pun tak penah)... dah banyak antar resume tapi belum ade khabar berita... huhuhuhuhuhuhu... pening kepala dok pikir... nak bayar tu nak bayar ni... sape ade vacancy leh tolong???

=> TOLONG!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

@ suitable toys for 8 to 21 months baby

By the time babies are eight or 10 months old, they're usually able to make their way around the room in some fashion -- creeping, crawling, or cruising (walking with the furniture's assistance). By 12 months, many babies have risen to their feet and can stand and even walk.

Your baby has started using objects as tools, pushing a ball with a stick or chasing the carrots around his plate with a spoon. He's also more interested in interactive games. Tickle him and let him tickle you back. Talk on the phone and then pass it over to him so he can babble, then hand it back to you for another round.

His problem-solving skills are improving and now he'll take the lid off a clear container to get the toy he sees inside rather than trying to reach through it. And he's beginning to understand words and recognise the names of familiar objects.

On all fours or on two feet, giddy with the freedom of movement and mobility, a baby at this age will want to move, grab and fiddle with whatever used to be out of reach.

Push toys: Push toys give your toddler a chance to exercise his new walking skills. Choose a push toy that is heavily weighted so your baby can lean on it, and take a lap or two around the living room. (Most babies this age are still too young for pull toys, which are better for slightly advanced walkers who can look behind them as they move forward.) Even after the novelty of walking wears off, your baby will enjoy pushing and pulling toys for months to come.

Shape sorters: Trying to figure out why the square block won't go through the round opening is a nice challenge for early problem-solvers. This is one of those toys that fascinate, and only occasionally frustrate, babies this age.

Balls: He's encountered them before, but balls get even more thrilling when you assume a standing position and can actually bounce them off the floor.

Toy telephone: Babies love to imitate their parents. Even if he can't say much yet, a baby will try to communicate by holding the receiver and pushing buttons. The more realistic the phone, the better.

Books: At this age, children are particularly intrigued by books with flaps that open, textures that can be rubbed or bunnies that need patting.

Blocks: Blocks give him the chance to practise the art of stacking. He can probably stack three or four at this point, and will enjoy the subsequent crash even more.

Bucket and spade: These come in handy when your baby's all-time favourite activity is filling and emptying, filling and emptying. Buy him a little sandpit for the garden, too, or take him out to the one in the park, and he'll stay contented and busy for some time.

@ bye-bye Alamanda


Nak balik dah tapi sempat lagik berposing... hihihihihi...

Venue: Kat escalator yang kat Basement dengan Carpark... (earmm... yang merah tu confirm bukan keta gua... saje jek nak enterframe... hihihihihihi)

@ celebrate besday Kaisah 8 bulan


Masa kat Alamanda ari tu, hubby and me terus amik kesempatan untuk menyelebrate besday Kaisah ke 8 bulan... masa hari Rabu 21/01/2009 yang lalu tak sempat nak celebrate... thus, after jalan-jalan cam tak tentu arah kat Alamanda... we made the decision untuk terus la celebrate kat sane... dah la first time pegi Alamanda... so tak berapa nak paham la dengan layout mall tersebut... nampak jek KFC, oleh kerana perut pun dah berkaraoke... terus la serbu...

Korang tau tak, ade 3 adults and 2 kids yang akan makan kan... tapi, since my nephews dah semakin membesar dan dah start makan banyak aku amik mini Barrel yang ade 12 chicken tu... amik ko... HABIS... LICIN okay...
1) Aku - 2
2) Hubby - 1 (demam)
3) Angah - 3 (share ngan Aliuddin)
4) Along Kashah - 4
5) Angah Adid - 2

Along Kashah pemenangnye... tak sangka kan... badan jek kurus... boleh tahan...

Kenapa lah pulak besday girl nak nangis tuh... hihihihihihi... sebab ibu Kaisah lambat suapkan Whipped Potato... suka betul Kaisah dengan Whipped Potato... siap sengih-sengih kalau makan... tapi on that particular celebration day, makan kenyang sangat kot sampai muntah dibuatnya... kat dalam KFC tu jugak aku selamba jek tukarkan baju Kaisah... hihihihihi... ala, budak kecik kan... lagipun, kami dok dekat meja yang berada di hujung... so, tak ganggu sesape la kan...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

@ Alamanda here we come


Snapped at Alamanda Putrajaya on 24 January 2009, ibu Kaisah... biasala... terkadang dok lambat jek upload gambar... ntahapeape la ibu Kaisah ni kan... uhuk uhuk... tengah demam nih... kesian la sikit... cuba tunjuk simpati sikit... ngeh ngeh ngeh...

Btw, this was actually the first time for my family and me to arrive and windowing ourselves dekat Alamanda... padahal dekat jek dengan Puchong kan kan kan... very the busy lah katakan... poyosss... well, untuk firest and second pictures tu... sama tapi tak serupa okay... actually kat belakang kami... the background tu... ade air pancut tapi tak berapa nak nampak sebab hubby tangkap gambar nih dekat sangat...

Description untuk yang lain-lain lak...
=> third pic... kat atas escalator panjang (bak kata along Kashah ngan angah Adid)
=> kat iklan ESPRIT
=> kedai piala mane ntah... (konon-konon along Kashah menang hadiah... blah la... hihihihihi)

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