Saturday, July 29, 2017


webe is now available to all (non-TM customers / webe certified phone) for RM79/month.
When people come together, amazing things happen. We're here to connect people, so we can make a difference together. At webe, 'we' believe in the power of community and the freedom to 'be' yourself. We've a lot of experienced people in the company but we all share one thing in common. We all want to make a difference! We want to work together with the community, to collaborate and co-create to make a change for a better future. We believe in the philosophy of opening up and being generous. That's why we offer a platform that gives you all the ingredients to embrace the world as never before – one with no shutters, no contracts and no limits.

Connect your home instantly!!!
Power your family’s imagination to get a great LTE experience. Watch and stream movies at home, or turn your home into a sporting ground gathering family and friends to share those moments. Pair a webe broadband plan with a WiFi modem and share up to 10 devices for a combined 20GB at home.

Spend more time playing with our easy direct billing on webemobile®
Pay with ease on Google Play store with webemobile®. Play all-out with your never-ending data for gaming, streaming or any app that fits your digital lifestyle. Get your next app purchase conveniently charged to your webemobile® bill – awesome news for those without a credit/debit card.

Switch to webe and keep the same number for never-ending data, calls and SMS by visiting webe lounge or just switch online at your convenience.

With webemobile® unlimited plan, stream all you want, game all day long and get instant live updates. A worry-free experience that you’ve always wanted.

1) No contract
2) Nationwide coverage
3) Can share more with 10GB LTE broadband
4) Numerous supported devices
5) Keep your number without any hassle

Click Here jom switch to webe... great experience is awaiting with lots of exciting event...



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