@ nak celebrate kat mane?

I am in the midst of thinking on how and where to celebrate my intelligent precious angel's coming 2nd birthday bash ni... EDD = 29052010... the date laks on 21052010... hmmmp...

1) Mc'donalds

=> okay ke nih Only RM105.00 (For 15 persons)
• 15 sets of Ronald McDonald™ Jungle Adventure Party Packs, Invitation Cards, Fun Traymats, Stickers & Party Masks
• 3 sets of Games Prizes
• 1 pc Birthday Card
• 1 Birthday Child's Gift (While stocks last)
* Choice of 1 Happy Meal™ for Birthday Child upon purchase
* Take Out Party Kit excludes food and drinks

2) Nachos Nachos

* Kids eat for free... earmmm, kena check it out nih...

3) KFC

=> mane lagik ek... tadak idea...
=> tahun lepas dah masak sendirik... tahun ni cam tak larat la pulok...

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