Tuesday, May 25, 2010

@ wanna park the skills in Kaisah and Thaqif

A.1 Identify circles, squares, and triangles
A.2 Identify squares and rectangles
A.3 Identify cubes and pyramids

Count to 3
B.1 Count dots (up to 3)
B.2 Count shapes (up to 3)
B.3 Count objects (up to 3)
B.4 Represent numbers (up to 3)

Count to 5
C.1 Count dots (up to 5)
C.2 Count shapes (up to 5)
C.3 Count objects (up to 5)
C.4 Represent numbers (up to 5)

Count to 10
D.1 Count dots (up to 10)
D.2 Count shapes (up to 10)
D.3 Count objects (up to 10)
D.4 Represent numbers (up to 10)

Count to 20
E.1 Count dots (up to 20)
E.2 Count shapes (up to 20)
E.3 Count objects (up to 20)
E.4 Represent numbers (up to 20)

F.1 Compare groups (fewer or more)
F.2 Compare in a chart (fewer or more)
F.3 Compare in a mixed group

G.1 Inside and outside
G.2 Left and right
G.3 Left, middle, and right
G.4 Above and below
G.5 Top and bottom

H.1 Same
H.2 Different
H.3 Same and different
H.4 Classify by color

I.1 Long and short
I.2 Tall and short
I.3 Light and heavy
I.4 Holds more or less
I.5 Compare height, weight, and capacity
I.6 Wide and narrow

J.1 RM and cents
J.2 Dimes and quarters
J.3 RM and cents, dimes, and quarters
J.4 Count cents

=> gathered the info from a Pre-Kindergarden Mathematics Institution...

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