Tuesday, March 6, 2012

@ 3 years & coordination

If your child can't do some physical things that her peers can, should you worry? Probably not. Coordination not only takes time, it's also very individual. Some kids are more coordinated than others from an early age and remain that way all their life. Others seem destined to earn the nickname Butterfingers, although of course they'll never hear it cross your lips. Temperament plays a role here, too. Some children are risk takers from the start, while others prefer to watch until they're comfortable trying physical feats.

The basic physical milestones a child should reach by age 4 include:

=> Holding a crayon between thumb and fingers (rather than clutched in the fist)
=> Pouring from a pitcher to a glass or cup
=> Using utensils to eat
=> Throwing overhand (not accurately — simply being able to coordinate this motion)
=> Hopping in place on one foot
=> Stacking eight or more blocks in a tower

True... but nowadays, parents love to compare and tend to be showing off on whatever that their child can do... hmppp, bebudak ni lain-lain carta developmentnye kan... nih ade sesetengah ibu-bapa tu, dok nak paksa-paksa bagai... bebudak ni tak bole dipaksa sangat... yes, kita bole suruh and tunjukkan but do not be too pushy... there's a very long way for them to go... let them feel what we had felt before.. apa orang kata... sebelum berlari... jatuh dulu... dan sebagainya... wallahualam...

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