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A preschooler learns many new words and their meanings every single day. The reason is that by 24 months, her brain is literally processing new sounds faster than ever before. Putting them together in perfectly grammatical ways is another story, however. Learning the complexities of the English language takes time (just look at how many adults still have trouble).

You don't have to teach proper grammar to a preschooler. Amazingly, between the ages of 2 and 3, they pick up correct use of verbs, pronouns, prepositions, and all the other bits and parts of language simply by listening and practicing. Patterns of words and phrases are automatically sorted by the brain and stored for future reference.

Among the exciting changes to look out for in the coming year:

* Proper pronouns. Switching from "me" or the child's name (Me want, Kate want) to "I" (I want).
* Adding plurals. Toys. Dogs. Cookies.
* Using adjectives. Nice doggie.
* Using progressive verbs. Whee, riding!

Expect grammatical mistakes and mix-ups to continue for a while, though — especially when there are strange exceptions, like "mice" ("mouses") or "go" and "went" instead of the more logical "go" and "goed."

=> memang benar apa yang diterangkan dengan panjang lebar di atas nih... Kaisah's grammar alhamdulillah semakin meningkat... with her improved pronounciation plus imbuhan di tempat-tempat yang semakin betul...
=> it is so overwhelming seeing and listening to all of her improvements...
=> Thaqif on the other hand has been very talkative with his own words... in terms of physical laks, Thaqif hanya suka meniarap pada malam hari... why larrrr?...

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