@ bila nak jumpa MAK nih?

Rindu gila ngan MAK... after nearly 5 years tak jumpa... patutnye last weekend nak jumpa kat BB tapi ada event lain... huhuhuhu...

I have so many reasons to thank you,
For taking care of me when I was young,
For letting me know,
Time and again,
That I could to you for support,
But most of all,
Because you always believed in me.

There were times when my disappointments filled me with self-doubt,
When I started to wonder whether I'd ever reach any of my goals.

Those were the times when you encouraged me,
You told me that I was a special person,
With character and abilities to help me succeed.

You made me feel good about myself,
And inspired me to keep on trying,
I believe in myself because you always believed in me.



Event planner at all time, a mother to three intelligent pretty gals and an intelligent handsome boy always, a wife to a loving husband forever, a one stop service provider to all of my valuable customers

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