Monday, April 3, 2017

TRAINING - ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 (IDI) - DAY 1

 Today, on this very day, we are having the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Interpretation, Documentation and Implementation training... it is never too late to learn yeah... but it will be too late if you did not start at least by now because all organization which is certified to the standards must perform the transition from the old version to the 2015 version latest by 2017... and that means this year!!!

For the first tea break, popia sira and doughnut packed nicely within an individual package... neat and hygienic kannnn... care to order?... send message to the 0193722238 Telegram account...

Wish to be part of our trainee as well?... email us now at we are a certified trainer and while training you with the knowledge, we also take care of your health with healthy food through the entire training journey...


Chicken grill pasta for lunch with chrysanthemum tea... ahhh, what a day... it's yummy guys... seriously!!! You definitely can count on us... hmppp, now I am already thinking of giving all of you an online training... well, let me think about it... perhaps, I could utilize this blog as well with those inputs... managing a few blogs is really tiring... really... but I like it actually... yeah, in a way... why?... because I could express my thoughts, what is mingling within my knowledgeable brain (hahahaha) perasan la sangat... takde la... while blogging (which is quite similar to writing only that I am not currently holding a pen) I can practice my writing skills or easy saying re-portraying what I love to do back then that was writing my journal... I really love doing it... love writing sebenornya... so, when will the novel be completed?... hahahaha... ya, keterbatasan waktu membuatkan diriku agak alpa dalam bidang yang amat ku gemari... cerpen dan puisi merupakan nukilan jiwa yang amat berharga bagiku... aku amat mengharapkan agak bingkisan istimewa tersebut dapat kusiapkan dalam masa terdekat ini atau sekurang-kurangnya sebelum menutup mata... iskkkk... dah masuk bab lain la pulaknya... okay... stop...

Pada sebelah petangnya, kami menikmati kuih karipap dan ketayap... haaa, tak tau kuih ketayap?... kuih yang warna hijau tu... orang sekarang menggelarkan kuih tersebut sebagai kuih gulung... sessi latihan kami berakhir pada pukul 5:05 petang tadi... namun, segala input yang telah dicurahkan diharap dapat diguna-pakai dengan sebaik-baiknya untuk keberkesanan dalam peralihan ISO 9001:2008 dan ISO 14001:2004 ke versi 2015...

Terliur lagi?... tempah je dengan kami sekarang... insyaAllah menepati selera anda... penghantaran?... boleh dirunding...

Telegram: 019-3722238


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