| UJIAN ALLAH BERBEZA-BEZA UNTUK SETIAP INSAN | Assalamualaikum dan hai hai hai everything. Segala ujian dan dugaan sebenarnya hadir kerana Allah hendak memberi kita 3 perkara:
1) Pahala sabar menerima takdir.
2) Pahala redha dengan ketentuan.
3) Pahala apabila kita bersyukur dengan apa yang ada.

Sabar, redha dan bersyukurlah. Allah uji (duga) untuk mengangkat darjat kita di syurga.

Something to ponder, my BIL was diagnose to be having a mild kidney disease. It shocked us when the specialist informed us he had actually experienced a mild heart attack previously (he was not aware of) and at that very moment it swelled his heart - [when we brought him over to the emergency and trauma department because of having difficulties to breathe].

Allah's plans are better, after countless days, my BIL could discharged and we are currently trying our very best to assist him in everything that he would need especially TLC (Tender Loving Care) from the family members. My second BIL family has just gone back home yesterday with lots of tears when they departed.

Allah tests different people with different trials, because everyone has a different level of patience, tolerance and faith. Nevertheless, with Allah's wills, insyaAllah, believe, everything will be good.

Team possible, aja aja fighting.

Muah ciked.

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  1. Setuju...ujian allah memang berbeza- beza untuk setiap manusia...

  2. yang pasti setiap ujian menguatkan kita untuk menghadapi hari mendatang