Tuesday, September 28, 2010

@ Thaqif allergic to anchovies?!!

Suddenly received a call from Mr Hubby asking me to give Angah a call... 'URGENT'... isk, gapo gak?... dengan berdebar-debarnye I called Angah...

Angah: Badan Thaqif naik ruam-ruam... tadi bagi dia makan Neslac yang ada ikan bilis tu... Me: Iya?... isk... teruk ke Ngah?..
Angah: Penuh satu badan merah-merah ni... ada lagi tak ubat yang selalu letak kat tangan dia tu?...
Me: Ada (Ubat 69 Mak Ndak ngan Induk beli kat sing-seh)... jap lagi suruh Atih bagi kat bebudak...

After half an hour, I called back...

Me: Camne Angah?... Ok ke Thaqif?...
Angah: Alhamdulillah... dah tak tergaru-garu... sleeping soundly... maybe dia tak bole makan ikan bilis nih...
Me: Hmppp, jarang orang allergic ngan ikan bilis kan?... risau gak ni... tapi dia ok kan Ngah?...
Angah: Ok...

Ya Allah, risaunya... camne nih?... BAHAYA tak allergic nih?...

=> nih jumpa masa browsing...

Anchovy Allergy Symptoms

Anchovies are small salt-water fish that are used in many foods. They are commonly used as a topping for pizza. However, they are also used in a variety of sauces including Caesar salad dressing and Worcestershire sauce. Like with other seafood, allergic reactions are common. Anchovy allergy symptoms can be severe, and people with anchovy allergies should completely avoid consuming them.

- Swelling of the Face or Throat
Swelling is a common allergic reaction for someone with an anchovy allergy. The swelling commonly occurs in the face and throat and as such can be an extremely dangerous symptom. If swelling in the face or throat occurs, the airway may become constricted, making it difficult to breathe.
- Dizziness
Dizziness comes in two forms. Some people may feel lightheaded or feel like they might faint or pass out. Others may experience vertigo, which is a feeling of movement when no actual movement is happening. Both forms of dizziness will go away on their own; however, they can be annoying while they last.
- Difficulty Thinking
Difficulty thinking can come in a variety of forms. Some may experience lack of concentration or find it hard to stay focused. Others may feel a little confused, like they don't completely understand what is going on. This can be common with an anchovy allergy; however, it is not one of the major symptoms and will pass on its own.
- Intense Sense of Fear
People having an allergic reaction to anchovies may experience an intense sense of panic or fear. This can be caused from swelling in the face making it difficult to breathe, but it can also be a symptom on its own. It's the body's way of telling the person that something is extremely wrong.
- Vomiting or Diarrhea
Vomiting and diarrhea are the body's natural way to get rid of things that are toxic to it. While they are unpleasant symptoms, they will normally go away on their own. Both vomiting and diarrhea can make the body dehydrated if they last for any prolonged period of time.
- Anaphylaxis
Anaphylaxis is the most severe symptom of an anchovy allergy and can be fatal if not immediately treated. People experiencing anaphylaxis will have extreme swelling to the face and throat that will happen within minutes and block the person's airway, making it nearly impossible to breathe. Their blood pressure will also drop, putting them into anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal if left untreated.

=> credit to ehow

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