Friday, April 7, 2017


Final practice within the stage... last practice for tomorrow's Festari PJ 2017 final... no matter what the number is in view of the result, we will still be the Sri Assunta's strongest supporter... all the best girls... #festaripj2017 #sriassunta #roadtovictory #wesupport... 

So, the kiddoes went over to the Auditorium MBPJ at the Civic Hall for the final stage usage... they had started to practice over there since Wednesday and it was a great experience for them... it was indeed a good exposure for the kids (students) to gain the guts in performing in front of the audience... well, joining this kind of activity could actually boost the children's confidence in dealing with their life in future...

Started training in school at 12:30 PM and continued practicing at the real stage for twice a chance was one of the sacrificeD that need to be done... other than not being able to join the lessons, the children would also need to ensure that dancing will not be any part of a negative outcome within their academic performance... we will support you all the way girls...

Remember, to be the best, we must not only accepting the challenges that we like, we vitally need to accept what ever that come our way... together we will strive for the best... and yes, together, we will not walk the show but we will run confidently to grab the victory...

May Sri Assunta obtain the best result tomorrow!!! 

All, let's support Festari PJ 2017 Final tomorrow...

2:00 PM - Primary School
8:30 PM - Secondary School
Auditorium MBPJ, Civic Hall


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