Assalamualaikum dan hai hai hai everything... amacam, semenjak dah PKPP ni, jalan-jalan yang dulu lengang dah menjadi sesak kembali, parking lots yang kosong di depan-depan kedai dah dipenuhi dengan kenderaan, pasaraya yang kurang pengunjung dah semakin ramai pengunjungnya... well, it does bring differences in view of the lifestyle in comparison to before MCO, EMCO and now CMCO, I am very proud to say that we as a Malaysian have done our very best to adhere to all of the SOPs that had been laid out... bravo all... 

While being in the MCO and EMCO, since I am away from my lovely family due to being an essential worker, all of my family's daily needs are being performed online... I ordered straight from Johor for my family in Selangor... super-easy, everything is just within my finger tips and walla, ... thus, I wanna share with all of you out there on this great platform which is known as kedai matdespatch... 

Credit picture: Alexander Raths/Shutterstock)

Before elaborating further, let me introduce this exciting KEDAI ya... basically, kedai matdespatch was introduced in order to make it easier for the consumers to buy their daily necessities as well as kitchen items... previously, Matdespatch had been introduced to assist on the courier, pick-up and even sending of items and documents and now, they are moving one step further with the introduction of kedai matdespatch as a service that provides an online necessity platform... this platform allows customer to order online and subsequently, the orders will be shipped straight to their doorstep on the next day... isn't it great guys?...

With the existance of this new platform, it actually assist us in ensuring that social distancing could be done successfully as most of the consumers will just #stayathome and order online... this helps in curbing and further stop the spreading of COVID-19 in a whole while as a family, we will have more time to be spent with our loved ones at home... well, the MCO and EMCO had turned most of us into chef, writer, trainer, singer, teacher and other portfolios which resulted from our initiative to make use of our time at home efficiently right?... hehehehe...

Why kedai matdespatch is my favourite daily needs partner?

1) All of my grocery needs are available at kedai matdespatch.
You name it and you will get it... below are the entire list:

Upon looking at the pictures, I bet all of you will feel stunned due to lots of items which are ready to be grabbed... the choices range from one brand to another and even from one type to another are available upon search... it feels like you are performing the shopping physically...

2) Reasonable price.
Based on the pictures which I snapped and comparison made through my previous buying activity, the price offered by kedai matdespatch is reasonable and affordable... with less hassle for us, this platform is indeed a great secretary in town...

3) Daily neccessities are available in store.
Not only having the kitchen needs, kedai matdespatch also offers other stuffs from pharmacy products to simple office supplies for your SOHO (Small Office Home Office) needs... 

4) No idea what to cook, grab the recipe package and walla.
As far as I am concern, this is the first platform offering recipe packages at the same selling area... this is simply awesome as we could actually grab everything that we wanted at 1 go... we could plan our time properly and ensure that we are not buying unnecessary items for our cooking regime... it is like a 2 in 1 package whereby we could experience good food without even knowing how to cook it (at first) by obtaining the recipe package and magically knew all of the ingredients that will be needed in order for us to materialize the recipe... super awesome!...

5) Want to save? Buy as a package.
kedai matdespatch could be considered as a headache-free platform because they are also offering the kitchen needs in a package form which consists of different type of combination... thus, as a consumer, we could actually choose whichever package that is suitable for our needs and at the same time obtain them at a good price (can save lorrrr)...

6) Have special offers based on the latest celebration.
Previously, during the Ramadhan month, kedai matdespatch had created a bazaar which comprise of most of the items that are sought for when we are in the season... it is a good approach as this action gives a silent signal that kedai matdespatch is aknowledging the seasons and festivals celebrated by Malaysian... perhaps later mat despatch will introduce Bazar Chinatown or maybe Bazar Little India... hehehehe..

So, those are the 6 reasons why kedai matdespatch is my favourite daily needs partner... wanna join me?... come, let me show you how...

Steps to shop at kedai matdespatch:

Open kedai matdespatch website, CLICK HERE... then, just follow these simple steps and you are ready to rock yeah...

Oh ya, almost forgetting, please take note that kedai matdespatch ONLY delivers within 'Klang Valley' areas like PUTRAJAYA, CYBERJAYA, BANGI, KAJANG, SERDANG, PUCHONG, NILAI, PETALING JAYA, SUBANG JAYA, KELANA JAYA, MUTIARA DAMANSARA, TTDI, AND USJ based on the postcodes as below:

But still, even the coverage is ONLY at the Klang Valley area, it is still a hassle-free platform because we could order from anywhere right (similar to what I have done, order from Johor to deliver to Selangor)... hehehehe...

So everyone, let's shop at kedai matdespatch together with me...

kedai matdespatch's website: CLICK HERE
kedai matdespatch's Facebook: CLICK HERE
kedai matdespatch's Instagram: CLICK HERE

#matdespatch #shopatmatdespatch #kedailokal #local #kitajagakita #covid19 #stayhome #stayathomeandshop #onlineshopping 

Till then, HAPPY SHOPPING at kedai matdespatch... see you when I see you...




  1. kalau ada matdespatch di Pantai Timur kan best?

  2. bestnya! kalaulah area sha ada mat despatch ni

  3. menarik la beli mcm nie.. tak yah walk in.. tp 47000 takde la pulak..

  4. Senang nak beli barang dapur.

  5. Sadisnya dekat Segamat Johor ni macam-macam takda lagi. haha.

  6. Mudah nak beli barang dapur sekarang ni kan. Klik klik je







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