Wednesday, January 7, 2009

@ it's feeding time

Kaisah masa sedang makan... tak duduk diam lak tuh tangannye... setiap kali ibu Kaisah suapkan of course have to ensure that her hands are kept away from the feeding bowl... if not, surely she'll dip her tiny little fingers into the rusks that have been melted... cairkan... kira melted laa kan... we'll I start feeding her since she was 5 months... hihihihihi... sesuka hati jek ibu Kaisah nih... but masa Kaisah 5 months tuh... tak le everyday... sometimes jek... twice a week to be precise... because sometimes she looked hungry... 'looked' jek... but ayah Kaisah kata macam kesian jek tengok... bagi jek la makan sikit... buat rasa-rasa... yayayayayaya... that's why la ibu Kaisah bagi Kaisah makan sikit... tapi masa Kaisah 5 bulan tuh, takde la banyak dia makan pun... memang buat rasa-rasa jek... half rusk pun tak habis...

Inilah, rusk yang Kaisah makan... right now, I'm feeding her with the original flavour... ingatnye macam nak tukar ke honey flavour... if there's any... btw, from my point of view... Farley's Rusk is one of the perfect first food for your baby... because they are made with the highest quality of ingredients that are enriched with the vital vitamins and minerals that are important in the growth and development of all young children...

Farley's Rusk make up 1/5 of your childs recommended daily iron requirements which makes them a very valuable nutritional contribution to your baby's balanced diet... from the age of 4 months Farley's Rusks can be used as a weaning product and a great finger food for babies who are learning to feed themselves (although I started to feed Kaisah masa umur Kaisah 5 bulan...)... they easily disolve in the mouth to help avoid choking and are specialy designed for tiny hands to hold, a great way for you baby to learn hand to mouth co-corination skills...

With NO added GM Ingredients or artificial preservatives, flavours or colours you get a range of nutritious finger food's your baby will love...

Wheat Flour
Vegetable Oil
Calcium Carbonate
Emulsifier (Glyceryl Monostearate)
Niacin (Vit B3)
Thiamin (Vit B1)
Riboflavin (Vit B2)
Vitamin D

=> ala-ala free advertisement untuk Farley's Rusk laa pulaknye... hihihihihi...
=> Nestum or Neslac okay ker??? belum penah terai lagik...

After food of course kena mandi... sebabnye, dah habis berselepat muka dengan baju Kaisah... yelah, mana taknye, tiap-tiap kali time makan jek, ibu Kaisah kena 'bersilat' dengan Kaisah sebab Kaisah pun sibuk nak suap sendirik... hihihihihihi... siap kena 'tagged' dengan Johnson & Johnson lagik...

Lepas mandi... perut pun dah kenyang... main sekejap... pastu tido... zzzzz...

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