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4 years old kid =>

You can help boost basic thinking skills by encouraging your child to sort things around the house. Four-year-olds love to sort, and while they're having fun they learn more about colors, numbers, shapes, sizes, and opposites.

Look around your house and collect a pile of similar objects — spare coins, buttons, cars, or blocks. It doesn't matter what you choose as long as the items are in the same category but not identical. Then ask your child to sort the objects. You might suggest sorting them into color piles or piles of similar shapes or sizes. "Put all the square blocks in one pile and the circle blocks in another." Or, "Put the trucks here and the cars there." When he's done sorting, count the pieces with him and sort them in another way. Arrange them from largest to smallest, for example.

Sorting plays a role in household chores, too. Let him help sort laundry or silverware. Sorting comes in awfully handy in cleaning up toy rooms, too. Create labeled bins for toys: The cars go in one bin, the art supplies in another, and the dolls in another.

The variations on sorting games are endless. Best of all: He's learning — and working — without even knowing it.

2 years old kid =>

How can you tell if your preschooler is on track developmentally? By age 2, children begin to diverge widely in the rates at which they pick up new skills. Your 2-year-old should be able to:
  • Point to an object that you name.
  • Recognize the names of familiar people, objects, and body parts.
  • Use short phrases and two- to four-word sentences.
  • Follow simple instructions.
  • Repeat words he overhears.
  • Find an object even if you hide it under two or three blankets.
  • Sort objects by shape or color.
  • Play make-believe.
=> Semoga anak-anakku Nur Alif Kaisah, Muhammad Alif Thaqif dan Nur Alif Nuha terus membesar dengan bijak dan sihat, mempunyai akhlak yang terpuji khasnya... aamiin...

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