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BOTTLE feeding can be a wonderful way to bond with a baby and it can be kept pretty simple. However, accidents happen all the time. Some babies get burned from hot milk, choke on milk that flows too fast and get sick from outdated formula or take in too much air while feeding.

In order to avoid such pitfalls, follow these steps to ensure your baby stays safe and content while you're feeding him:

* Always wash your hands well before preparing a bottle of formula and feeding your baby. Check the expiration date on the formula. Never use formula that has expired.
* Ensure that all bottles, nipples, rings and any utensils you use are clean. Sterilize all bottle-feeding equipment before using them for the first time to keep your baby safe from exposure to germs. You may use dishwasher or steam steriliser provided the bottle is safe for both.
* Boil the water you're using to mix a bottle of formula for approximately one minute if you're concerned about the safety of your tap water.
* Never microwave formula in a bottle. The milk can heat unevenly causing hot spots that could burn your baby's mouth.
* Test the temperature of the milk by squirting a little on the inside of your forearm. If it feels too hot, allow the bottle to cool before giving it to your baby.
* Look at the size of the hole in the nipple of the bottle. If the hole is too small for your baby, he may suck so hard on it that he swallows too much air. However, if the hole is too big, your baby may choke. It may take you awhile to find the correct nipple for your baby's bottle.
* Never feed your baby when he is lying flat, as this increases the likelihood of choking. Instead, hold him in a semi-upright, and with his head in the crook of your arm.
* To ensure healthy feeding, look for feeding bottles that are equipped with an effective anti-colic system that is able to reduce the amount of air taken in while feeding, which is thought to be a possible cause of colic. This will reduce the risk of vomiting and flatulence and result in a more cantented baby.

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