Friday, May 28, 2010

@ Thaqif and dimples

Bb Thaqif ade dimples... sejibik cam ayahnye... hiks... mata pun ikut mata Kaisah... mata hitam yang besar dan altho slightly sepet... tatau la dah besar skit nanti matanya akan kelihatan seperti Kaisah or not, bulat jek... huhuhuhu... partially, I am feeling kind of 'sad' plus 'bengang' coz until today I still cannot bluetooth pictures of bb Thaqif with his beloved sister from hp to the lappy... HUH!!! how lar this can happenned?... x paham la... u'olls layankan aje la entry ni ek...

Lesung pipit terjadi apabila otot pipi meregang apabila seseorang senyum dan menolak pada kulit, apabila dalam keadaan tidak senyum pula, otot pipi akan berada dalam keadaan rehat maka lesung pipit tidak kelihatan... Genetik untuk lesung pipit merupakan dominant trait yang mana ia akan diwarisi turun-temurun... hmmm, ayah Kaisah and Thaqif memang ade dimples at both cheeks... that's why la ia diturunkan kat bb Thaqif... sebabnye, memang 25-50% akan diwarisi oleh anak sekiranya salah-seorang means ibu atau bapa memiliki lesung pipit... buleh gak baca definisi dimples in English yang dicedok dari wikipedia...

Dimples are visible indentations of the skin, caused by underlying flesh, which form on some people's cheeks, especially when they smile (may be obscured by male facial hair). Dimples are genetically inherited and are a dominant trait. Dimples are usually found on both cheeks. A rarer form is the single dimple, which occurs on one side of the face only. Anatomically, dimples may be caused by variations in the structure of the facial muscle known as zygomaticus major. Specifically, the presence of a double or bifid zygomaticus major muscle may explain the formation of cheek dimples. This bifid variation of the muscle originates as a single structure from the zygomatic bone. As it travels anteriorly, it then divides with a superior bundle that inserts in the typical position above the corner of the mouth. An inferior bundle inserts below the corner of the mouth.

=> credit to wikipedia for the information on dimples...

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