KUALA LUMPUR, 14 FEBRUARY 2022 - The employees of Shopee Malaysia today celebrated their delivery riders and partners in a special campaign called #ShopeeDeliversLove. The campaign coincided with various employees turned up at several locations in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to recognise and appreciate the contributions of ShopeeFood riders and Shopee delivery partners.

Photo 1
Shopee employees headed by Wong Chee Mun, Head of Business Development, ShopeeFood Malaysia delivering #ShopeeDeliversLove packages to ShopeeFood delivery riders 

Besides Shopee Malaysia employees, the campaign also received public participation where users nominated their best rider and delivery stories on social media. As delivery riders do not usually have fixed off-days, a customer shared a heartwarming experience with a ShopeeFood delivery rider during Chinese New Year, “It was drizzling at that time and we were worried that he would be stuck in the rain. However, Zuhair did not only deliver our food order on time, he even wished the family Happy Chinese New Year with a bright smile,” quoted Yong.

Photo 2
(3rd from left) Wong Chee Mun, Head of Business Development, ShopeeFood Malaysia with ShopeeFood riders and employee at #ShopeeDeliversLove event 

Another Aishah quoted, “Terima kasih Yazid kerana tidak berputus asa untuk menjalankan tugas sebagai Abang Shopee Express. Usaha anda untuk memastikan setiap pengguna Shopee setia bersama kami, amat kami hargai. Pen merah, pen biru, Abang Shopee we love you.”

Whereas Faiz, another Shopee user added, “Thank you Hafizan kerana menghantar makanan ShopeeFood yang dipesan pelanggan. Kami kagum dengan dedikasi Hafizan untuk menampung 2 pekerjaan bagi menyara hidup keluarga Hafizan, memang terbaik!,”

Photo 3A & 3B
Wong Chee Mun, Head of Business Development, ShopeeFood Malaysia gifting #ShopeeDeliversLove box containing a power bank, phone holder, sweets, raincoat and waist bag.

Wong Chee Mun, Head of Business Development, ShopeeFood Malaysia said, “Delivery riders play a crucial role in today’s economic environment. As businesses are getting back to opening their physical stores, delivery riders assist in connecting business and users by helping to deliver food and goods. The job comes with many challenges such as rain and heavy traffic but they are often very dedicated to giving their best to our users. We hope with #ShopeeDeliversLove, we are able to show our riders and delivery partners how much they valued and cared for.”

As part of Shopee’s ongoing efforts of #ShopeeSapotLokal, the gift box presented to each rider contains necessities like powerbank, phone holder, sweets, raincoat and waist bag, which are all sourced from local suppliers.

Photo 4
(First from L) Wong Chee Mun, Head of Business Development, ShopeeFood Malaysia with ShopeeFood riders and Shopee Express delivery riders who were nominated for #ShopeeDeliversLove by social media users. 

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