Today is such a tiring day... too exhausted with all of the documents' transition from the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 version to the 2015 version... no matter how the situation may lead us, we still have to ensure that family is number one within all of the top priority(ies)... today 13042017 marked the 11th year 8th month of our monthlyversary... what else could be wished for when a better half with four gifted genius kiddoes are within the best happening in your life?... may Allah grant all the best things that anyone could ever wished for... especially for us, you and everyone out there... love, one of the best feeling that should be cherished... loving is normal, being loved by the one (those) whom you loved is indeed extraordinary...


Tini Alif

20 years of experience within the technical, manufacturing and services environment. Assists brands and companies to achieve their targeted and potential customer through writing service such as article writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, manuscript writing, technical writing, content marketing and translation amongst others. Interested to collaborate? Email: or WhatsApp at +601154054677

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