Thursday, March 8, 2012

@ 1st & 2nd month

Touch is definitely your child's most well-developed sense. His sense of smell was already developed before birth and he can immediately recognize the reassuring scent of his mummy. His ear is a tiny technological wonder. He can identify the voices of his parents, which he heard throughout the pregnancy. His sense of taste develops early too. Naturally attracted by sugary tastes, he gradually learns to appreciate other flavours.

Your child is 1 month old and starting his 2nd month. During these first weeks, he has already discovered so much. Even if he still sleeps a lot (around 20 hours per day!), what he likes most is your company, and he loves communicating.

Share tender moments => Surrounded by your love, reassured by your presence and encouraged by you looking at him, he shows surprising moments of attention and exchanges with you. He reacts to your stimulations: your words captivate him, your smiles enchant him, and your tickles delight him. You share a relation of tenderness and communication… and the faces he makes are truly adorable!

Encourage exchange => Move closer when talking to your child. He will recognise your voice and answer in his own way. Sing lullabies, tell stories, whistle tunes. When you feed him, look at him with a smile as your face is what fascinates him most. Exaggerate your facial expressions, open your eyes wide, stick out your tongue… he will try to imitate you!

=> memang seronok melihat anak-anak membesar di depan mata... alhamdulillah... thanks Allah for the precious gift ever...

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